Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Jekyll Island, Georgia

We just took a quick trip to Jekyll Island via our boat. We saw wild horses on Cumberland Island on the way up. We docked at the marina and stayed at the Jekyll Island Club. This place is teeming with history! It was the private club and winter playground for the northeast multi-millionaire set back in it’s heyday from 1886 to 1926. Things slowed down after that and it closed altogether in 1942. Here in 1910, J. P. Morgan and a host of other big wigs (whose assets then totaled about one-sixth of the world’s wealth!) had clandestine meetings to set up the Federal Reserve System.

There is a great little museum not far from the Club. The kids also love the bike paths that are everywhere (bikes are readily available for rent), the beach (though the water is a tad too brown for our spoiled St. Augustine tastes), the water park (open in the summer), and the horses available for riding (not the wild variety).

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