Friday, June 12, 2009

Schoolhouse Rock!

Wanted to get you in the mood for the fourth of July. Isn't it catchy? And nostalgic. And a little goofy too, what with the guy chasing the gal to represent “the pursuit of happiness.” What were they thinking?

Fourteen of these animated short films are now available on a DVD titled Schoolhouse Rock: Election Collection. Providing children with an entertaining look at American history and American government, the fourteen songs in this collection are:

• No More Kings
• The Preamble

• The Great American Melting Pot

• Mother Necessity

Sufferin' Until Sufferage

• I'm Just a Bill

• Three-Ring Government

• I'm Gonna Send Your Vote to College

• Tyrannosaurus Debt

• Tax Man Max

Walkin' on Wall Street

• The Energy Blues

• Presidential Minute

All Ages

For the musician in the family you might be interested to know that The School House Rock Songbook exists.

Now, I wonder if I can get that "Fireworks" song out of my head!


  1. The last four are new? I've got the big Anniversary edition -- but I think you've got some there I don't have. Can you confirm?

  2. I looked into it. The 30th Anniversary Edition was released in 2002 and has every song ever created (46 of them or more) and sells for $12.99.

    The Election Collection has 14 songs, including a new release titled Presidential Minute. This DVD was released in September 2008 to coincide with the presidential election and also includes an "interactive election tracking kit." The Election Collection DVD sells for $14.99.

    So to answer your question, you have all these songs with the exception of "Presidential Minute."

    Thanks for asking.

  3. I really enjoyed listening to these on Saturday mornings way back when I was a kid.

    I especially liked "I'm Just a Bill" - thanks for posting this!