Monday, July 6, 2009

Great History Magazines for Kids

I can still remember walking my two young feet out to the road, pulling down the metal mailbox door and, with my little heart pitter-patting, pulling out a Jack & Jill magazine—addressed to me. Jack & Jill's are still thrilling children with their mailbox arrivals, and so are other old favorites like Highlights, Ranger Rick and Boys Life. These days publishers are offering an even bigger array of magazines for the younger set covering a wide range of interests. National Geographic Kids, Sports Illustrated Kids and American Girl are examples. Amongst all these choices I have noticed a couple of excellent history magazines.

Both of these award-winning publications bring history to your house nine times a year. They are both geared toward children nine years old and up. They are both composed of 50 pages that delve into one given topic. They are both brimming with articles that relate to the main topic, fun facts, pictures, maps, sidebars, contests, puzzles and suggested reading lists. The difference between them is that Cobblestone concentrates on American history while Calliope presents topics about world history.

Cobblestone's current July issue is about American inventions. Topics that will be covered over the coming year are:

  • National Parks: America's Legacy

  • Pilgrims: Journey to a New World

  • John Adams

  • 30 Greatest Americans

  • Gettysburg: Pivotal Civil War Battle

  • Brooklyn Bridge: Engineering Marvel

  • Baseball: Americans at Play

  • 30 Greatest American Events

  • It's All-American: Our Culture & Symbols
You can read all about the gladiators of Rome in the current issue of Calliope. Other topics to look forward to in upcoming issues are:

  • Karnak - Egypt's Chosen Place

  • Aesop and His Fables - Did He Really Exist?

  • Great Wall of China

  • The Parthenon - Symbol of Eternal Greece

  • Isabella of Spain - Queen of a New World

  • Michelangelo

  • Dutch East India Company - Trade Goes International

  • Exploring Africa with Stanley & Livingston

  • Meaning of Numbers

Either of these magazines would make a thoughtful gift for a young history buff (or a history buff to be). I will envy them that walk to the mailbox ;-)

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  1. Saudi Aramco World has begun a "Young Reader's World" - articles that can be read for free online:

    "Each Young Reader’s World selection is abridged from an original article previously published in Aramco World or Saudi Aramco World, with activities, writing and discussion topics added especially for readers ages 8 to 15."