Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Genghis Khan

Demi's books are a special treat and this one is no exception. It is oozing with gold leaf, prancing Mongolian ponies and insight into how Genghis Khan became the ruler of the largest empire ever created in one lifetime. He lead an adventurous life, even in childhood. He was riding before he could walk, herding camels at age five, hunting by six and the head of his clan by age nine. He was fourteen when he was captured by rivals, and then made a nail-biting escape. My daughter found it disturbing that he put an arrow through his own brother's heart after he discovered him stealing from their own food provisions (and I thought my kids were rough on each other). But the text emphasizes over and over again the trait he admired and expected most: loyalty. Genghis Khan is a beautiful book and a great way to begin to learn about one man that had an enormous impact on history.

Ages 8-12

Activity: Add your own details to this Steppes picture. A felt yurt is ready to be colored, but can you add horses, goats, camels, Mongol warriors or even Genghis Khan?

Location of Mongol Empire
The Mongolian Empire

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