Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Spot On

On This Spot: An Expedition Back Through Time is oh SO clever. The author, Susan E. Goodman, starts at a busy spot in New York City where skyscrapers now loom. “But on this spot…” you read and then turn the page “175 years ago…New York was a different city.” Suddenly taxis and business people and asphalt give way to carriages and chickens and cobblestones.

With each spread, the spot in New York City recedes further back into time—becoming home to Native Americans and cougars, then woolly mammoths, then glaciers a mile thick, then going back 190 million years to dinosaurs, then way before then to the highest mountain range ever, then a tropical sea and lastly nothing but rock

Your children will be intrigued by this concept and they will be captivated by the illustrations. Well done!

Ages 5-7


Activity: What used to be where your house is now? Use this template to make your own little book about the spot where you live. Oh, and here is the author's teacher guide.

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