Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Snow Inspirational

Today I wanted to give those of you in the blizzard zone some inspiration for things to build with all that snow. I've been busily googling for ideas, and here's what I've come with....

Snow Gypsy

Snow Pirate (“Shiver Me Timbers” — too funny!)

Snow Cowboy

Johnny Cash?

Abraham Lincoln

Early Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Viking Ship


And for those who think they are ready for the next level, check out all the amazing past entries at Japan's Sapporo Snow Festival and the Harbin International Snow Carving Contest which is held in China.


Ancient Egyptians

Activity: Create your own historical snowman or a snow carving using these tips from the Sapporo Snow Festival. Share a photo of your creation by e-mailing it to me at Now grab your gloves and go have some fun!

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