Monday, February 15, 2010

Civil War Reenactment

Ryan and I stepped back in time this weekend at the annual Olustee Battle Reenactment. These pine woods are the site of Florida’s largest Civil War battle which occurred on February 20, 1864.

It was cold, but thankfully sunny. I enjoyed walking around the authentic campsites while reenactors cooked in iron pots and played fiddles around campfires. Besides soldiers, many others were dressed in period clothing, lots of women among them, including one in black mourning dress and veil. We also saw a very convincing Frederick Douglas.

The battlefield was lined with bleachers on one side. From this vantage point I especially liked seeing the cavalry maneuvers. Ryan on the other hand couldn’t seem to get enough of the giant smoke rings produced by the cannon fire. And back in the vendor's tents he couldn’t resist handling the swords and purchasing a cap gun.

If you haven’t seen this U. S. Civil War in Four Minutes video you should check it out. It’s amazing.

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