Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Great Blogs

Discovered some new blogs recently. Ryan is learning his countries in Africa and when I googled "blank African map" for him to fill in for practice I discovered the Free Printable Maps blog. Wow. We’ll be visiting this place again and again. And to show just how thankful I am for this site, here's Ryan's graded test:

While there I noticed a link to Free Coloring Pages. Though most of these are very juvenile, the site did offer a link to several pages of Barack Obama and the Statue of Liberty if any of you happen to need them.

Library of Books, Links & More offers links to loads of topics, including my two favorites, history and geography. Look on the left hand side, eighth subject down. There I spied the Best of History Website. What a treasure trove!

I also enjoyed coming across Karen’s History Project blog this week. She has collected many great history links as well. One that looks particularly interesting is called Picturing History.
Under the Lessons in Looking section of that site I read a thought provoking analysis of how slaves have been depicted in art.

1 comment:

  1. Wow.

    You can be incredibly proud of that geography test!

    That makes me feel like a Total Loser Homeschool Mother.

    I need to make my kids do this. Especially since it's quite likely we may LIVE in Africa in a year or so!

    Thanks for the inspiration!