Thursday, February 11, 2010

ORPHAN WEEK - Cave Painter

TITLE: The Boy of the Painted Cave

AUTHOR: Justin F. Denzell

WHO IS THE ORPHAN? Tao, in this historical fiction, is a boy living in present day France about 16,000 years ago.

HOW WAS HE ORPHANED? His mother became sick and died when Tao was a baby. He doesn't know his father, although he is aware that his father left him out to die of exposure because he has a deformed foot.

WHAT WAS ORPHAN LIFE LIKE FOR HIM? He was rescued by Kala, an old woman in his tribe, who looks out for him and tries to overlook his tendency to draw. Drawing is T-A-B-O-O. No one is allowed to draw except for the shaman, called the Chosen One. Tao has a hard time fitting in with his band of hunters and gatherers and commits two more big no-nos. He befriends a wolf and enters the forbidden slough. An outcast is what he eventually becomes.

WHAT WAS HIS TURNING POINT? Meeting the shaman, who recognizes his talent and teaches him painting techniques.

HOW DOES HIS LIFE TURN-OUT? He replaces the old shaman and becomes the new Chosen One responsible for cave painting. Oh, and finds out who is father is.

Descriptive and entertaining, this story puts you in the “shoes” of a cave boy.

Ages 9-12

Activity: Create your own cave painting. Here's how.

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