Wednesday, February 24, 2010

SNOW WEEK - Balto to the Rescue

TITLE: The Bravest Dog Ever: The True Story of Balto

AUTHOR: Natalie Standiford

WHO WAS WHERE IN THE SNOW? Gunnar and his team of dogs led by Balto were living in Nome, Alaska in January of 1925 when two children came down with diphtheria.

AMAZING FACTS ABOUT THIS EVENT: Diphtheria would surely kill the two sick children and spread to others if the serum could not be brought to Nome from Anchorage, 800 miles away. A train attempted to make the journey with the serum but became stuck in deep snow after traveling 100 miles. It was decided to set up a dog-sled relay. Balto's team was to be the second to last team. They nearly lost the medicine in a snow bank, nearly lost the team in cracking ice, and nearly lost the trail in a blowing snow storm. Then, when there was no sign of the next relay driver, Gunnar drove his exhausted team on to Nome. After being on the trail for 20 hours straight and traveling 53 miles they successfully delivered the serum.

Your child will feel the sense of urgency as he or she reads this Step Into Reading Level 3 book. It’s an inspirational story delightfully told.

Ages 4 to 8

Activity: Try this Balto word search.


  1. We loved this book. The story of this dog is so sweet.

  2. In our one-room schoolhouse, we were participating in The Big Read which had chosen The Call of the Wild. I wanted our youngest readers to be involved, so they read this instead and absolutely loved it! They pretended to be sled dogs outside at recess for weeks!

  3. Where is your school Michelle? Those children of yours are so fortunate.