Thursday, April 29, 2010

Good Knight Stories

The Barefoot Book of Knights is a cleverly presented retelling of seven tales from days of yore. Most of the stories originated in Europe, but the author also includes legends from Japan, Persia and Russia.

The stories are told through the kindly voice of Master William, the Armorer of the castle, who is in charge of several pages, including a young boy named Tom. When Tom doesn’t understand why a future knight, such as he, should have to wash dishes, or is envious of his brothers approaching knighthood, or is not cooperating with a fellow page, or is just homesick, Master William knows just the right story to set him straight.

Your child will gain a sense of what life was like for a ten year old page starting a new life at a castle. And he or she will relish listening in as Master William tells his tales!

Ages 6-12

Activity: Knights first used decorated shields in battle as a way to identify allies from enemies. Here is a fun, free place to design your own shield and print it out.

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