Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Barbarians! is a beautiful book about some of history's ugliest reputations. Read it and you’ll learn all about the lives and times of the Goths, Huns, Vikings, and Mongols. But why are these various groups all lumped together under that insulting moniker? “Barbarian” was a Greek word used to describe anyone from a different culture and with a different language. Then the Romans used it to refer to any foreigner from beyond their border. And yes, someone considered crude.

Robert Byrd’s illustrations in this recently published book are phenomenal, with details you can get lost in. Included are his rendition of a Goth Village, the Nine Worlds of the Norse Universe, a cross section of a Mongol Yurt, battle scenes and easy to comprehend maps representing the migrations of each of these groups.

The author, Steven Kroll, gives just the right amount of interesting information about the leaders, their conquests and his take on each groups lasting influence. A timeline is also provided.

To be honest, I checked this book out from the library not expecting to particularly enjoy it. But...I did, and how.

Ages 8-12

Activity: Test your barbarian knowledge with this crossword puzzle.

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