Friday, January 15, 2010

Save the Hippos

Hanna’s Cold Winter is a great reminder that wars affect more than soldier’s, war-zone civilians and policy makers. Reminiscent of our recent arctic like weather, this is the true story of a winter so cold that the Danube froze. On top of that, World War II was in progress with the Russians on one side of that frozen river facing off against the Germans on the other. And due to disrupted distribution routes, food was scarce. Budapest residents and their beloved hippopotamus’ at the zoo had something in common...they were all cold and hungry. But the former concocted an idea to help the later. They collected straw in the form of hats, mats and slippers and fed these to their famous hippos, aiding in their survival until spring.

Besides providing a sneaky tour of Budapest, this book also gives children a sense that even in a dire situation, there are ways THEY CAN help.

Ages 6-9

Activity: How well can you take care of the animals at the zoo? Try taking this Zoo Vet game for a test drive.

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